Coachella Transportation Guide

Congratulations, you were lucky enough to purchase tickets Coachella but now what? Instead of combing through pages and pages of information from, we have done the research for you. Below is our Coachella Transportation Guide:


If you can afford it, the nearest airport to Indio is the Palms Springs International Airport. Otherwise, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be your best bet. LAX is located about 146 miles from the Coachella festival. You will need to rent a car or take a bus. This option will likely still be cheaper than flying round trip to Palms Spring International. Check out Cheapair to flight deals.

Car Rental

Online sites such as Expedia will have deals when you book your flight and car at the same time. If you prefer to book your transportation separately, Avis and Budget usually have deals for those traveling to Coachella. Make sure you use your Capital One Venture Card or an American Express card when booking your car so that you will not have to spend extra money on rental car insurance.


If you are planning on staying in one of the local hotels in Palms Springs/Indio, make sure to check out the shuttle lines. Chances are you will be tired, drunk or really high off life by the end of the night.  Don’t risk it: purchase a shuttle pass. Your friends will thank you. For more information about which hotels are located on the shuttle lines, click here.


Most likely, you will need to have a car to get around. If you are not staying on site or at a local hotel, you will likely need to drive to the festival. Be warned, traffic is going to be hectic but at least parking will be free. Directions to the Empire Polo Field can be found here: Coachella directions. Don’t want to drive by yourself? Zimrides is a website that will allow you to find drivers or passengers going to Coachella. This is a great way for you to meet strangers so that you do not have to brave Coachella alone.

Taxi Cabs

Taxis can be a bit expensive but if you are desperate and have no other mode of transportation, it will be wise to have options. Below are the phone numbers of the local taxi companies:

  • American Cab – 760-322-4444
  • Yellow Cab of the Desert – 760-340-TAXI (8294)
  • Desert City Cab – 760-328-3000