7 Ways to Determine if Coachella Camping is for You

car camping

Coachella Camping

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to decide how to experience the Coachella Music & Arts Festival. You’re in the middle of a desert and you dont really know your way around. Proximity matters since time wasted on traveling to and from the venue each day is time you’re missing out on the awesome shows.

Here are 7 ways to determine if Coachella camping is for you:

1) New Friends

The Coachella camping experience is a great way to meet some awesome people who share your love for music. I have done camping twice and each time I have been lucky with some fun neighbors. Now, if you are not one to enjoy making new friends, perhaps the Coachella camping experience is NOT for you.

2) Can You Spare Me a Dollar?

Coachella is expensive and camping can be a financially smart way to enjoy the festivities. If you couple camping with Carpoolchella then you could end up saving even more! Should you get hungry, feel tired or have a big gap between artists, you can conveniently walk back to your campsite at anytime.

For those who want to do the camping thing but are not on a budget, Goldenvoice has got you covered. We have broken down your options for Lake Eldorado & Safari tents here (more on this later).

3) Age Aint Nothin’ But a Number

While age shouldnt be the lone deciding factor to camp, it is typically catered towards the younger crowd: 18 years old to 30-ish. If it is your first time to Coachella, camping is the way to go. It is a right of passage. After your initial trip to Coachella, get a hotel or a house.

4) Do You Love to Party?

No need to look for the after party when the party is where you are staying. Random dance parties go on for hours in the desert after the last performance each night. Personally, I did not mind this because it gave me something to do while I waited for the shower lines to die down.

5) Shower Optional

A little dirty never killed anyone but BEWARE the shower lines can be absurdly long. mobile showerTiming is everything. Just note that you should time wisely when to shower. The shower stalls itself is reminiscent of a college dorm shower. Do not expect a 5 star hotel shower, we are talking about camping after all. If you absolutely despise lines, you can always pay to get in the VIP shower line. There is also a time limit but who is really counting? There are electronic outlets and sinks outside of the portable showers so you will be able to blow-dry your hair and brush your teeth.

6) How is the Restroom Situation?

There are a ton of porta potties but they progressively become more gross as the day wears on. Each morning, the porta potties are drained and cleaned so use them early. There are hand wash stations but the water usually runs out. A little hand sanitizer goes a long way. Dont like porta potties? Car camping probably isnt for you.

7) Mother Nature

camping sunrise

camping sunrise

One of the most beautiful things to take in is the beautiful Coachella Valley sunrise. There is nothing quite like the morning sun rising with the desert mountains in the background. If you are not a morning person, I must warn you, the sun will wake you up very early! The weather is a bitch at times and you just never know what you’re going to get. Just assume it will be hot. If you cannot stand the heat, you may want to consider something with A.C.

 No matter how you decide to experience Coachella, one thing is for certain, there is no other festival that quite compares to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.