5 Coachella Daily Essentials

We have been going to Coachella for the past 5 years and have compiled a small list of items you should bring into the venue to help you enjoy the festival. In this article we cover our list of 5 Coachella Daily Essentials no one should leave without.

5 Daily Essentials You Need at Coachella

1. Empty Water Bottle/Camelbak (empty)

There are filtered water stations throughout the festival venue. Take advantage of these free water stations. The lines are long but YOU will definitely need to stay hydrated in the hot dessert heat. Did we mention that it is FREE? Make sure your Camelbak is not oversized. Click here for more information about Coachella dos and don’ts. Here is a link to the Camelbak I like to use: 50 oz Hydrobak.


2. Polarized Sunglasses

The sun is blinding during the day. Buy a cheap pair of sunglasses with polarization to protect your sights. Do Not bring your favorite designer sunglasses. Chances are, you will lose or break them. We found some cheap polarized wafers for under $4 including shipping.


3. Comfy Shoes

Tom’s look good and they are comfy but any shoes that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds should do. It is a long festival so wear shoes that will allow you to walk from one end of the venue to the other without discomfort. Blisters will ruin your weekend. Just saying. We found some Toms on Amazon.com for under $40.


4. A Phone Charger

Portable Charger

Anker Portable Charger

You will have spotty reception. If you plan on leaving your phone on the entire day, your battery will drain. Bring a charger so that you are able to charge your phone. Better yet, bring a usb charger with a battery backup. You never know when you will lose your group. For something ultra portable we recommend the Anker Astro Mini or Anker Gen Astro3 to charge multiple devices simultaneously.


5. Sunblock/Sunscreen

Avoid this

Protect your skin. Your skin will burn with enough sun exposure. Remember to reapply constantly as you will be sweating profusely throughout the day from the heat.


What is in your Coachella Survival Kit?

We have shared with you OUR list of top Coachella essentials to survive festival. We are curious what made it on your daily survival list. Share with us in the comments below.